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Life Celebration

“Our greatest joy is seeing other funeral homes flourish that have adopted the frameworks and methodologies that we practice and preach.”
— Jim Cummings
CXO and Vice President
Life Celebration is a funeral services company located in North Wales, PA, that creates personalized memorial products celebrating the life of loved ones, keeping them close forever. The mementos they create are built using an array of high-tech graphic design tools and printers.

With more than 35 years in the industry, Jim Cummings, CXO and Vice President and Gerry Givnish, President, acknowledge that other professionals in their industry often care more about the logistics of the funeral rather than helping the loved ones of the deceased grieve and heal. They believe that funerals are as much about the healing process of the living as it is about the celebrating the life of the deceased.

While the company has expanded greatly over the years, Life Celebration still operates as a family business and treats their customers as such, by creating color and light in times of darkness.