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HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service

“For as passionate as my employees are and how hard they work, it’s such an amazing opportunity for them (to be nominated). We like when our clients and their pets become part of our family.”
— Lisa Aumiller
Founded in 2010, HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service was started by Dr. Lisa, Head Veterinarian & Owner. The state-of-the-art company focuses on providing high-quality veterinary services, at an affordable price, and in the comforts of its customer’s own home.

Creating a warm, relaxed, professional environment is very important for its furry patients. The mobile vet service can take mobile x-rays, ultrasounds, blood work, and provide comprehensive vet care. Unlike other mobile vet clinics, they also have multiple locations for customers who prefer traditional in-hospital appointments or for pets who need surgery, dentistry, radiology or ultrasound.

With 15 veterinarians on the road and 70 support staff members, HousePaws focuses on preventative medicine, client education, and thorough pet patient care. Additionally, they give back to the community by providing full vet services to pets in low income areas paid and sponsored by the mobile vet.